Sunday, February 26, 2017

Water - the Cornerstone of Life and Health

Strengthening the Immune System at the Castle Spa

One of the most unique and most authentic places of Karlovy Vary is undoubtedly the Castle Spa, where traditional Karlovy Vary treatments, proven with time, and the latest technologies of modern spas meet. The Castle Spa becomes a piece of every visitors life, here you can relax in a pleasant, relaxing environment, unwind thanks to the many procedures and gain strength for hectic days to come.

The best is to dive into water with your body and mind. Each person already spent a lot of time in water, in the womb of his or her mother, and therefore water is absolutely natural to us. It can calm the mind and helps cure. At the Castle Spa among others, you can experience firsthand one of the oldest hydrotherapies - Kneipp baths.

The baths consist of alternating hot (40°C - 42°C) and cold (10°C - 12°C) water. The most commonly used form is walking baths, where you step into individual pools with hot and cold water reaching below the knees. Always start in the pool with hot water, where our body develops thermo power, and then enter the cold water, which removes this energy. Do not expect anything fancy, it is an active treading in water tanks with gravel at the bottom. After regular visits to Kneipp baths you will certainly notice a remarkable improvement in your health status and immune system.

Specifically, Kneipp baths support the tissue metabolism, support blood circulation and relieve joints, they have a quite demonstrably positive effect on the blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Further more they help during discomforts accompanying the cold legs syndrome and post-traumatic conditions of the lower extremities.

This special kind of therapy is named after the German priest and healer Sebastian Kneipp, who as a patient with tuberculosis got to know the book "The Healing Power of Fresh Water", and thanks to regular baths in the river and walking barefoot in the morning dew, he quite soon recovered.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Etiquette - Smart Casual

Although the written and unwritten rules of behavior are lurking at every step, It is beyond doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience and this is why we continue with yet another informative article for our regular column on Etiquette. For now, we look at the matter of proper attire.

The age-old truth that "dress makes a man" can also be recognised in a well-known Czech song. And this truth may never go out of style. Today there is probably no party, social event or restaurant that does not require a Dress Code. Let's not waste time and take a detailed look at the most widely represented dress code; Smart Casual.

It is quite a broad term, but simply means that your clothes may be rather informal, but not lose their elegance. If you love denim then wear it for your leisure activities. Thus we suggest that for neither men nor women is it acceptable to wear jeans, sportswear or any type of sports shoes.

To comply with the requirement of Smart Casual, ladies are preferably attired in a skirt, dress or pants in arbitrary cuts and colors, but within tolerable limits, mini-skirts are definitely not suitable. Adjustments to the overall appearance are made with the use of appropriate accessories, everything in moderation. For example, if a lady is wearing a prominent dress, then fine and discreet accessories should be selected and vice versa, in case of a simple dress then pronounced makeup and accessories are acceptable.

When it comes to men, they can decide whether to dress in social trousers or something like Chinos. Of course, we repeat once again, an emphatic NO to wearing denim. You can leave your tie or bow at home, it is not needed because Smart Casual is not a strictly formal affair. Men can complete their attire with a jacket and a shirt with subtle colors and patterns, and finally shoes with laces or moccasins.

If you have mastered this urbane and charming style known as Smart Casual, then we welcome you to all the restaurants and bars at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, where the dress code is part of the hotel's internal culture.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

VIP Cars life of luxury at our hotel and beyond

VIP Cars
life of luxury at our hotel and beyond

We do not know one reason why you should not enjoy luxury within the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, but we have a lot of reasons why you should enjoy luxury even beyond our hotel. And because we are constantly thinking of our guests we provide the safe and reliable transfer of people with the help of luxurious VIP Cars.

Whether on a Journey to the hotel, a trip around Karlovy Vary, an excursions or just for entertainment, you can enjoy the comfort and facilities of a VIP Car that provides the highest levels of VIP transfers.

For many years our hotel has had an exclusive partnership with VIP Cars, sustaining their fleet of new luxury cars such as the Mercedes Benz exclusive S-Class, E-Class and V-Class reliably travelling anywhere across the European Union, while in addition some of their cars are also for rent. Thanks to years of cooperation with the the Carlsbad Plaza, the VIP Cars company meets the high standards required within the alliance of "The Leading Hotels of the World".

Mercedes Benz it is a synonym for a wide range of attractive German manufactured cars, whose tri-star emblem encircled by a laurel wreath has accompanied all cars of this brand since the very beginning in 1926. The three-pointed star represents "land, water and air, and, as these characters speaks for themselves, it is clear that Mercedes Benz is the true element and riding in one of their cars is a real treat.

VIP Cars was founded in 2008 and since its inception they have gained a reputation as a reliable partner and provider of premium quality and luxury, and in addition within the Prestige Club, hotel VIP guests receive discounts. Holders of gold cards are guaranteed a discount of 20% on transfers and silver card holders a discount of 15%. If you rent a fancy aforementioned class of Mercedes Benz car, the price will be reduced by 10% for Prestige Club cardholders.

So I thinking about what car you would like and where you would like to go? Do not hesitate to contact the hotel reception to ensure transfers.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Prestige Club Floor

Hotel News
Prestige Club Floor for our loyal guests

Sometimes one may have a feeling that the hotel Carlsbad Plaza has no more surprises to give. The truth is elsewhere, because our hotel is constantly trying to surprise its guests with something new and quite extraordinary in Karlovy Vary. The hotel Carlsbad Plaza now takes the time to present its latest innovation designed for its regular guests which are Prestige Club cardholders; the newly renovated 7th floor, for even greater comfort and convenience to its regular guests.

The renovation of the 7th floor, which now boasts the name Prestige Club Floor, was by no means easy. Renovation and rebuilding was undertaken not only in the corridors , but of course in the rooms too. How else can we prove to our regular guests that we appreciate them? The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza will therefore dedicated an entire floor to Prestige Club cardholders . Of course our VIP guests will be delighted with the different interiors they have not yet seen.

The Prestige Club Floor boasts a new design from carpeting to painting including interesting elements in innovative equipment in the room, including a one meter big full HD LED televisions hanging on the wall, a coffeemaker, comfortable and very elegant armchairs, TV speakers in the bathroom, night lights and very easy accessibility for USB connections.

Be the best, be always one step ahead, that's a good enough resolution. And if this is how our hotel is seen by our guests who are holders of prestigious hotel Prestige Club Cards, it is undoubtedly the greatest reward for us. Seven is a lucky number, it is the number of emotion and strength. We want you to experienced only the most beautiful, even the most beautiful emotions that a hotel can provide you with at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza. The fact that our esteemed clients regularly return to the stunning Karlovy Vary and to our hotel, gives us the strength for the future and the motivation to go higher and higher, and always achieve and compete for first place on a global level.

Reservations and occupancy of rooms on the 7th floor is therefore only possible for Prestige Club members and their sale is only allowed through the reservation department of Eden Group a. s., whose team will be happy to help with your reservations.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Our Guests about us

One of our guests Maan F. form Saudi Arabia wrote:

I would like to express my satisfaction of the treatment I got in the SPA, thanks to Marya at the SPA reception and Zdenka at the massage department. Truly thank you very much!

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Spring site: Market Colonnade
Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the historical centre of Karlovy Vary
Date of first interception: 1769
Temperature: 64°C
Yield: 4.8 litres per minute
CO2 content: 250-450 mg per litre

Accessibility: Freely accessible